Executive Council
Chapter President:
 Mary Meghan Dickerson
Vice President of Operations: 
 MaKayla Luper
Vice President of Risk Management:

Maggie Piercy   


Vice President of Member Experience:

  Sarah Kate Wolf 



Vice President of Finance/Housing:

 Jacqueline Ingram

Vice President Community Relations: 
Ali Hammock

Vice President of Recruitment: 
Kirsten Johnston

Vice President of Inclusion: 
Ana Hodges


Director of Social Events:


Director of Policy and Prevention Education:

Abigail Peavey


Director of Member Conduct:

Maryanna Morris


Director of New Member Experience:


Director of Lifelong Membership:

Celeste Schonberg


Director of Academics:


Director of Fraternity Heritage:

Martha Anne Dyer


Director of Housing:

Whitley Yates


Director of Member Finances:

Darsey Jones


Director of Service and Philanthropy:

Hannah Crowe 


Director of PR/Marketing:

Bethani Grace Alman 


Director of Recruitment Events: 

Cheney Pratt


Director of Membership Selection: 

Brooklyn Navarre


Director of Community Inclusion: 

Laura Kate Howell


Director of Leadership:

Panhellenic Delegate:

Sydney Adair